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Who I am & What I Do

I am freelancer based in Dublin and my journey to build my own company began in 2015 when I decided to try path of freelancing. Going through the process of registration on my business and staying on the top of revenue tasks has been challenging for few weeks. Staying on freelancer path has been a great decision for me and I have a career that I love and am very passionate about.


Network, Cloud Services
Video Production
Graphic Design
Digital Marketing
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Among many of my hobbies i enjoy most Computer Science, Gaming, PC building, Graphic Design Research and Cars. Many people read books before bed time, In my case it’s watching YouTube videos with latest trends in Networking, IT, Video Production and funny facts. Most of my free day time i spent with my daughter and wife, which I couldn’t thank enough for all her support in past few years.

If someone would ask me what is unique about me, I would probably answer: “My ability to adapt quickly to any task”. I really have to say that when I get excited about something I don’t let it go without making sure it’s done 100% to my satisfaction. Especially when it comes to for example Network cabling and Video Production. Clients would often call me “Computer Wizard”, “Handyman For Anything” and more. There is nothing more rewarding for me when client is truly happy with my work, it’s my biggest motivation driver. When things get serious and tough I tend to prioritize my time to make sure all my clients are happy and critical tasks are completed with swift pace to maximum potential.


School ICT

Reccomended by many

Since with Synge Street CBS on board. Their technology department has truly evolved. Teachers has all their daily material within few miliseconds reach. All cloud synchronized.
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Corporate IT

Your Company Growth

Won't be slown down by your network. In Floordesign, within 1 year their network was completely rebuilt to the latest cabling and patching standards. Ping responce to main server from any node at 1ms!
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Video Production

25K views on Facebook

Yes, that is metric of one of my many video production results! Reflex Autocare has reported significant increase in sales!
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Graphic Design

Eye Catching Content

Brochures, A0 - A6 Posters, Flyers, Business Cards and so much more. If you are looking for affordable graphic designer without breaking a bank, you should get in touch!
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Digital Marketing

Proven Record in Sales

Since Purty Kitchen signed contract with me, their sales over 5 year period were increased by over 400%!
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