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Whether it’s a small or big project, my passion is storytelling. Storytelling is what connects people and connection is what makes a project successful. Story in many ways results in strong memory, memory of your brand or message. Creating a story on social media platforms results in lead generation, followers and engagement and ultimately sales.

Storytelling after all

89 Videos in 2019

With over 5 years of experience in video production your products will truly shine in video. My experience in videography spans several corporate environments and projects from small scale to multiple days shooting including drone footage.

And Still Counting

128 Graphic Projects

I’ve been working closely with brands based in Dublin to design wide range of products, info posters, event graphics, careers brochures and logo development.

Don't give up

Many Clients

My career and educational history has provided me with a unique and valuable skillset. I combine my background in IT with my marketing work with many of my clients, giving my clients a wealth of experience in one contact.​

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