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One-Stop video production

With years of experience, I can produce the highest quality videos for your organizations. All of my productions are bespoke, as I adjust the tone, style, and budget of the video to suit your needs. My versatility, passion and diligence shines through in the work produced, just watch any of my previous work for proof!

Brand Video - LS Solutions

Brand Video

Use brand video to tell your story, increase sales, raise awareness, break into new markets or even reposition your company.

Corporate Video - LS Solutions

Corporate Video

The best, most cost-effective, way to showcase your organisation and its history, activities, location and team.

Event Video - LS Solutions

Event Video

From capturing entire events to producing edited highlights for use as promotional material to monetisation opportunities.

Live Stream Video - LS Solutions

Live Streaming

Bring your brand to a hugely expanded international market with footage captured in real time in stunning HD.

Promo Video - LS Solutions

Promo Video

Raise awareness of a new product, service, issue or area with promotional videos that highlight the benefits of your offering.

Training Video - LS Solutions

Training Video

A dynamic way to deliver training materials to your teams, video training is proven to have the highest impact and retention.

Info Video - LS Solutions

Information Video

These detailed videos focus on one specific topic to convey information in an engaging way that raises awareness.

Google AD Video - LS Solutions

Google Video AD

Digital video marketing is the new frontier for business, and video ads offer a fantastic opportunity to connect with potential customers.

Viral Video - LS Solutions

Viral Video

Videos that amuse and entertain, or even shock and provoke; giving your brand the potential to become an overnight success.

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